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Welcome to our Top Privat page!
We would like to offer you not just TOP girls, but as well our precious TOP services, including luxurious and always clean enviroment. For is most importat the satisfaction of our client. We are flexible and we will be willing to help and fulfill your desires.

TopPrivat takes pride for using exclusively our own made photos of girls for our presentation. Ladies are ready to show you up wearing attractive lingerie or short dresses, with lovely smell and beautiful look, willing to show you any of our seductive sex toys which can be even bought at our store.

You can choose your lady not only by our photos, but you can come here and see for yourself. Ladies, who will be free at that moment, will gladly show up and introduce themselves to you. The variaty of our ladies is broad however the choice is yours whether you would like to leave.

Parking is possible right next to our place, all around Vinohradský pavilion; the zone there is even fee-free from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay. Thank you for choosing our services.

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Privat 13 girls

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